Contract Management

How to setup Contract lifecycle management

on December 14, 2022

The adequate management of contracts is essential for the smooth running of any company. But contracts are too important to be processed and stored manually. This is why lots of companies are now going digital. In recent years, Contract lifecycle management software has transformed how businesses manage their contracts. Now, we’re looking towards the next step in contract digitalization. Today, we look into how to set up Contract lifecycle management (CLM) with the help of Smart contracts.

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Sarah GiannelliHow to setup Contract lifecycle management

What you do and don’t own, when you buy an NFT

on October 25, 2022

2021 was a landmark year for the popularity of NFT and it seems that this trend is going on and becoming greater and greater. But not without huge legal implications with respect to copyright, ownership and contractual liabilities, just to cite a few.
What you do and you don’t own, when you buy an NFT.

Let’s start from the beginning, trying to bring some light to this innovation.

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Sarah GiannelliWhat you do and don’t own, when you buy an NFT

How Integrate PayPal into an onboarding process

on October 15, 2022

The digital onboarding process is becoming more and more popular with competitive advantages for different sectors of a business. 

It is an effective tool also for Sales, for the acquisition of new customers and for the retention of existing customers, capable of improving and simplifying the Customer experience as well.  

Through the adoption of a platform for contract automation, the onboarding process becomes compliant, agile and intuitive for Sales.
It can simplify and speed up the entire negotiation, including payments, integrating PayPal into an onboarding process. 

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Sarah GiannelliHow Integrate PayPal into an onboarding process

Trakti meets Adrian Furner: “Risk, an opportunity for innovation”

on October 14, 2022

Today Trakti meets Adrian Furner, Founder & Managing Director at Kommercialize, to talk about risk as an opportunity for innovation.

We have previously met Adrian Furner, on the 4th of October, during his valuable contribution as a guest to our recent webinar “Contract Automation, Benefits and Contexts.”  

Watch the integral version here: What is Contract Automation, Benefits and Contexts.

Adrian Furner has over 30 years of experience in the design, implementation, and delivery of complex commercial transactions through novel business models.   

A super master contracting expert, and member of the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), Adrian is a former board member and an honorary fellow of ‘World Commerce & Contracting’ where he is also an Executive in Residence.  He is also co-founder of Open Fabric for Trusted Global Trade.   

Today his practice is to advise professional firms on how to boost up their commercial competencies as well as Contributor, Speaker and Author of several books on commercial agility, collaboration and commercial innovation.  

Adrian is a leading light for innovating contracting in companies of all sizes!

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Sarah GiannelliTrakti meets Adrian Furner: “Risk, an opportunity for innovation”

Come scrivere una proposta commerciale per un accordo di successo

on October 4, 2022

Prima o poi ti troverai a dover scrivere una proposta commerciale. Qualcuno potrebbe chiedertelo oppure potresti trovarti a dover crearne una che sia persuasiva e che porti a finalizzare una vendita.
Non sai da dove iniziare? Ti domandi come dovrai scrivere una proposta commerciale? Come inviare l’offerta e gestire l’intero processo? Quali sono le regole?
Considerando che uno degli obiettivi di una proposta commerciale è quella di persuadere un potenziale cliente a fare affari con te, è di fondamentale importanza che tu sia in grado di poter rispondere a tutte queste domande.

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Sarah GiannelliCome scrivere una proposta commerciale per un accordo di successo

Eliminating friction points in contracting

on September 20, 2022

If you are following blockchain & bitcoin news closely, you must have noticed something about many billion-dollar companies, as well as Fortune 500 enterprises. They have officially jumped onto the blockchain bandwagon and are working around the technology.

There is a simple reason for this.

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galinaEliminating friction points in contracting

No code platform for contract management

on September 14, 2022

No code platforms have been gaining traction. In fact, a no code platform for contract management is an essential part of the strategy that reduces cost and drives internal efficiency at scale.

AI is a trusted ally when it comes to replacing repetitive tasks that cause errors, dropped handoffs and wasted time — and no code/low code platforms are the way to do it.

With IT teams occupied with system maintenance and security work, companies are turning to no code platform automation to meet their day-to-day requirements.

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Sarah GiannelliNo code platform for contract management