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Presenting our Workgroup tool (2/2)

by trakti on August 27, 2015 Comments Off on Presenting our Workgroup tool (2/2)

Trakti Workgroup tool

The first version of this new tool is thinked to encourage and promote the collaborative work inside companies. After being online for some months, we realized that it is very important to offer a specific tool, capable of rightly digitizing all the company’s conversations before proposing or closing a deal. In this way, there will be no need for using any external communication system by the different members o departments involved in the negotiation.

In this phase, we focused on improving internal digital collaboration. Now, you can create a workgroup with other company members. Any new participant can be added to the discussion by typing his or her name, without former invitation. The workgroup tool functions like an intuitive and private debate forum: anyone can write down a post, while the other group members can comment and continue with the conversation. It is also possible to load and share any kind of document or image with the group.
After reaching the foreseen agreement, it will be possible to set up a new negotiation using the standard procedures. This negotiation will be saved as part of the group’s knowledge and activities; a specific database of negotiations will be created for each group. In addition -and in order to classify the groups- you can use different tags and categories.

 Future developments and possibilities

In the future updates of the platform, we will increase and enhance the functionalities and possibilites of the workgroup. Soon, it could be possible to create a specific group to evaluate the offers received in one of our negotiations. This new feature will work in two different ways:

  • First, giving the possibility to evaluate directly the different issues of a negotiation. We may be able to score any received offer, thus simplifying the work of decision makers. These evaluations can be external or internal to the company; they may be binding or just a recommendation.
  • Second, workgroups could be also be created in order to assess a whole proposal coming from a partner, customer or supplier. Different company members can be invited to discuss about these new proposals. In this case, the main functionality of the workgroup is to establish the key conditions and components of the future negotiation.

At Trakti, we keep on working on creative ideas for promoting collaborative tools:

An example is the creation of different workgroups linked to a specific negotiation. This tool allows the sharing of information among departments, while keeping each chat room private. This is actually useful if we want to discuss certain topics with different partners, or with multiple departments inside our company.

In a near future, the system will also offer the possibility to set up external workgroups, in order to facilitate and promote the creation of new conversational spaces with suppliers and customers that could help to define the main elements of future deals. This bridge between companies could be very useful for working in a specific negotiation, or for establishing a long-term collaboration.

traktiPresenting our Workgroup tool (2/2)