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Digital collaboration – The Workgroup (1/2)

by trakti on August 6, 2015 Comments Off on Digital collaboration – The Workgroup (1/2)

New collaborative tools

workgroup collaboationIn this new step of the digital era, workgroup has become in one of the most important aspects of the modern workplace. However, widespread Internet availability means that members of the team could be just about anywhere in the world. So for teamwork to be effective, it’s important for companies to adopt modern work practices and technologies that help co-workers, wherever they are, share their tasks in a simple and efficient way.

In a simplest definition, collaboration tools are applications designed to help two or more people work towards a common goal by providing a collaborative work environment.  A workgroup or team will often use collaboration tools as a way for members to interact. 

The adoption of collaborative tools provides great benefits to companies and a strong comparative advantage in terms of organization. As explained by experts on the matter, a collaborative approach allows important advantages such as the following.

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traktiDigital collaboration – The Workgroup (1/2)