A Beginner’s Guide on How Smart Legal Contracts Work

on February 4, 2022

Smart contacts are a great way of helping you exchange property, money, and shares without the fees, hassle, and services that come along with them. For example, when you go up to a vending machine, all you need to do is drop the money in and the snack or drink comes out. Same with the smart contracts.

A smart contract works the same way – all your need is to have the required token into the wallet and whatever you have paid for automatically gets deposited into the recipient account, making it so much easier and more efficient than a traditional contract.

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How to create a contract template in 5 steps in Trakti

on November 17, 2021

Today legal departments use tons of Word files and emails as work instruments, so files like contract templates can be distributed and used in a quick and easy way. This method, as effective as it may be, produces overheads that cost the company a great deal in terms of money and time.

The problem lies in the instruments that are used: they’re simply not fit for purpose! If you continue to draft and distribute your contract template this way the cost of compliance will soon become a big problem.

So let’s have a look at how we can solve this problem!

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