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Talking with John – Trakti Developer

by trakti on May 26, 2015 Comments Off on Talking with John – Trakti Developer

Trakti Interview: Mahfuzul Islam (John) 

Trakti developerSo, you’re working on a platform for business and transactions. Please, could you describe the core functions, focusing on their most interesting aspects?

Trakti supports a range of common business processes like Auction, Tender, Request for Quotation, Competitive sells etc. for products or services. You can choose a process according to your business need and configure to start the deal.

You can set deadlines with different privacy levels. You can customize the product and service description as well as the issues you want to negotiate. Moreover, you can invite other people to the deal using different channels including email and social network. To ease the invitation process using email, Trakti also provides functionality to manage addressbook.

Payment is an important aspect in business transaction. Currently Trakti supports payment via PayPal but it is now limited to Auction process only.

Another feature of Trakti is to duplicate a deal. This feature allows deal creation from an existing deal very easily.

Which are Trakti’s three key features?

  1. Support of multiple business process.
  2. Customization of product or service.
  3. Invitation system.

Which are Trakti’s most innovative functions?

Supporting multiple business process and customization of product/service.

Considering your former experience as software developer, which could be Trakti’s Strengths and Weaknesses? Which could be the key Opportunities and Challenges?

Trakti platform works on a model based approach. For different business processes it has different models in the backend. In my opinion, this is both strength and weakness of Trakti. This is a strength because customized business processes can be developed with small amount of effort and changes in the code. This is also weakness because it’s hard to validate a model, also it’s hard to design a generic user interface to support all models.

You’re now looking for testers. What do we want to get from them?

We would like to improve our testing procedure by having some test automation for user interface.

Which are the deadlines for the different phases of Trakti’s development? Do we have a calendar?

We use agile development methodology and try to deploy new features or bug fixing in each one or two weeks. We don’t have a precise deadlines for upcoming features of Trakti. But we set priorities to features and work based on the priority.

To conclude this interview, could you tell us something about the future features?

Here are some of the future features/improvements:

  1. Support payment in all models.
  2. Saving deal as template.
  3. Business analytics for deals.

Bio: Mahfuzul Islam (John) completed his graduation in Computer Science & Engineering from AIUB. Then worked as Software Engineer in Code71 Bangladesh Ltd. for two years. He received his MSc in Computer Science at the University of Trento, Italy.

traktiTalking with John – Trakti Developer

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