No matter if you are an enthusiast or a professional, a small development team or a big studio, an SME or an multinational company, you can easily transform your business by adopting our platform and developing your business apps quickly and effectively using our open APIs and engine.

You just focus on your service, while we provide the rest to make your business Apps successful!

A platform for Business Applications’ development

Use Trakti for collaboration between companies, when you need a schedule and structure to drive the process forward. Using our REST API, your existing applications can easily interact with eXrade powered services, that are driven by transactional process models. Take advantage of well known industry standards and third party services including LinkedIn, Facebook Connect, Google Maps and much more.

Enabling next generation digital business

eXrade provides flexible, community driven and added-value services, enhanced by Trakti unique negotiation technology, to facilitate the agile development of effective business applications creating a new way of managing transactions over the internet. Contact us to create your own marketplace, your digital business ecosystem for whatever you want.


Trakti offers everything you need to close a deal in a click. Trakti is an online service that allows people to set-up, share, join and manage any type of deal or business negotiation, everywhere, anytime from any type of device. No matter if it is a sales process, an auction, a tender, a venture partnership or a subcontracting process Trakti makes it happen and supports you in cutting your deal. Trakti supports your business or collaboration by supporting your deal creation, promotion, management and closure. We help you discover the best model to support your deal and manage simply and effectively the negotiation process. And we let everyone share the deal they’re creating or joining, connecting people and businesses around the world. Trakti can publicize your offers or requests across Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking tools directly from the site’s interface. It also supports automatic generation of contracts directly with electronic signatures.

Trakti for Insurance is the result of the MeMoSa project, an EIT Digital initiative, with the aim of developing a mobile and cloud service for insurance companies (selling health and car insurance services) who need a lightweight, low cost solution to better profile their customers to reduce insurance cost, and to offer additional value added services based on contextualised needs. Trakti for insurance is a SaaS platform integrated with the Blockchain providing a simple and innovative way to reduce costs associated with on-demand micro-insurance underwriting and claims management. Trakti let you offer contextualised and automated quotations considering both historical and circumstantial risk factors.

The SUPERHUB project aims at realizing a new services mobility framework supporting an integrated and eco-efficient use of multi-modal mobility systems in an urban setting. SUPERHUB provides a user-centric, integrated approach to multi-modal smart urban mobility systems, through an open platform able to consider in real time various mobility offers and provide a set of mobility services able to address user needs, promote user participation and to foster environmental friendly and energy–efficient behavioural changes. Moreover, the take-up of virtuous behaviours, characterized by a reduced environmental footprint, is also facilitated by the SUPERHUB open platform matchmaking and negotiation capabilities between (public-private) providers and consumers of mobility offers and by the use of persuasive technologies to achieve wide adoption of results. Specific services and user studies will be realized to demonstrate the SUPERHUB concepts and technologies through field trials in Barcelona, Helsinki and Milan, involving large end-users communities. Results of SUPERHUB field trials shall influence local policy makers and municipalities in the definition of new energy-aware mobility strategies and planning.

ONE was a research project funded by the Information Society and Media DG, ICT for Enterprise Networking under the FP6 Programme. ONE is a unique and dynamic initiative that focuses on enriching business environments through open cooperation and functional tools. The project allows organizations to create contract agreements in order to supply complex, integrated services as a virtual organization (or coalition). The ONE project was a STREP project funded in 2006 by the European Commission under the DG-INFSO that is geared towards SME’s in order to provide them with a trusted, secure and free of charge technological environment in which they are able to create tactical and strategic alliances; for the ultimate goal of pursuing business opportunities and growth.


eXrade is company owned by Trakti Limited operating in the software market and based in the fabulous Dolomites in Trentino Alto-Adige (Italy). The core technological focus of the company is the development of cloud based productivity tools for the enterprise and mobile market. eXrade core platform is empowered by a performant negotiation engine that enables value creation while facilitating transactions and collaboration between networked enterprises.

Luigi Telesca is the founder and CEO of eXrade and the Co-founder and CEO of Trakti Limited. He is an expert in e-Business (Digital Business Models, Digital Ecosystems and Supply Chain Management), e-Negotiation, Blockchain, Distributed Software, Optimization Algorithms and has extensive experience in management and business development.

Md. Mahfuzul Islam (John) is CO-founder and CTO of Trakti. John completed his graduation in Computer Science & Engineering from AIUB. Then worked as Software Engineer in Code71 Bangladesh Ltd. for two years. He received his MSc in Computer Science at the University of Trento, Italy.


Trentino Sviluppo is the agency set up by the Autonomous Province of Trento to foster the sustainable development of the Trentino system by taking action and providing services aimed at supporting the growth of business skills and the capacity for innovation. Site

SUPERHUB project, is supported and co-financed by the European Commission, Directorate-General Information Society and Media-ICT for Transport Unit. Site
MEMoSa project, is supported and co-financed by the EIT Digital. Site


In 2017 EXRADE SRL has been acquired by Trakti Limited, a UK company with headquarter in London. Trakti Limited has the objective to commercialise globaly Trakti as SaaS. Therefore EXRADE is now an SRL with a single shareholder that will continue supporting the divelopment of Trakti in the Italian market and will now work as R&D for Trakti Limited, experimenting the integration of the Blockchain and the usage of Trakti technology in different and emerging sectors like Fintech and Insurtech. Site


StartupBootcamp support early-stage tech founders to rapidly scale their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry. Each of the programs focuses on an industry provide an unmatched level of support to the startups selected into the programs. Site

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