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We streamline your deals from start to end, signature and payments included

Automate your contracts
from start to end with Trakti

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Created for procurement, sales, legal and HR functions of dynamic organisations


Trakti is the first automatic contract negotiation and management platform integrated in Blockchain. We automate your templating, negotiation and obligation management processes supporting the entire contract life cycle management with a unique and compliant platform.


You can transform your dumb Word templates into adaptive, automated and interactive legal templates thanks to smart legal contracts and the Blockchain technology.


Our negotiation processes have no limit. You can increase team collaboration, reduce administrative costs and sign more contracts in less time.


You can activate evaluations, electronic signatures, reviews, payments and obligation management with one click in a single, certified, end to end solution.

Trakti offers a full set of tools and procedures
to digitalise and streamline your deals!

Comparison and Collaboration

Streamline and simplify negotiations and communications with counterparts.

Facilitate communication and information sharing among team members.

Use a rating and evaluation system fully integrated with your contractual procedures.

Bring to life and automate
your old contract templates!

Trakti accelerates your contractual flow and integrates the deployment of smart contracts for payment automation and obligation management thanks to the power of the Blockchain.

Your deals and contracts are secure with Trakti

Ready to improve your contract management processes?