Empowering Commercial Contracting

It’s time to change the game and adopt a more innovative approach and take your sales process to the next level, resulting in increased productivity and increased revenue.

Digitalise Potential

Reach a wired audience, connect seamlessly with customers worldwide and unleash unlimited sales potential.

Automate Process

Simplify sales processes and repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity, and close your deal as quickly as possible.

Smart Legal Contract

Smart Legal Contract ensure the automated execution of post-award activities, such as payment.

Set Up Your Sales Flow for Success

Transform your work with increased operational efficiency by automating and streamlining sales processes.

  • Seamless customer contact management
  • Effortless creation of quotes and compelling business proposals
  • Dynamic, relational, standardised and compliant contracts

Close the negotiations quickly and easily

Elevate your success by becoming a true champion in closing deals and unlock the gateway to unparalleled achievement.

Streamlined Onboarding, Simplified Success

Say goodbye to complicated onboarding processes and hello to streamlined success. With Trakti, we’ve perfected the art of simplifying onboarding for both employees and clients.

Automate and simplify payment

Process payments directly from your contract and orchestrate single or recurring payments from your client’s account to yours using Trakti’s integrated trusted payment methods.

  • Use Stripe or paypal for your payment
  • Process payments directly from your contract
  • Automated payments according to the rules laid down in the agreement

Revolutionise your sales process with Trakti’s intelligent solutions

Discover the power of intelligent solutions and automation in optimising sales efficiency and driving business success.

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Automated Supplier Acquisition and Verification: A Strategic Key for Procurement and Sales

Contractual onboarding and supplier qualification, especially when regulation and controls require human work, are often characterised by delays and frustration, as comprising numerous players and moving parts. The vendor completes an onboarding form that includes general and financial information. This stage might also involve the legal team, to ensure it from a legal, compliance, and

Happier customers, simplified contract onboarding

Many companies drastically underestimate the importance of contract onboarding, In fact, 22% of companies have no formal onboarding program at all, while 49% only have a partially successful process. But do you know just how detrimental unsuccessful onboarding can be? Employees become less productive, stressed, and feel disconnected from the rest of the team, while customers end

How to create a contract template in 5 steps in Trakti

Today legal departments use tons of Word files and emails as work instruments, so files like contract templates can be distributed and used in a quick and easy way. This method, as effective as it may be, produces overheads that cost the company a great deal in terms of money and time. The problem lies

Simplify, automate, optimise contract management!

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