Optimising Procurement

Simplify Your Procurement Process with Trakti. Achieve Better Business Outcomes! Unleash the power of automation to achieve procurement excellence.

Digitise your contracts

Reduce paper waste, collaborate seamlessly, and negotiate with suppliers. Simplify contract management and streamline orders with a trusted digital solution.

Smart Legal Contract

Elevate your procurement process with Trakti’s secure smart contracts. Create immutable agreements that are legally binding. Automate contract execution and monitor real-time data transparently.

Powerful Automation

Enhance operational efficiency to its fullest potential by leveraging automation functionalities, allowing for seamless control automation, streamlined onboarding processes, and management of back-office.

Unlock Success with the Best Suppliers

Uncover top suppliers effortlessly on our unified platform. Simplify supplier selection and find the perfect match for your business.

Smoother Negotiations for Procurement Success

Effortlessly negotiate terms and secure approvals from internal and external teams. Save time and avoid delays with our streamlined negotiation processes.

Transform your procurement process

Uncover top suppliers effortlessly. Streamline negotiations and contract management. Automate payments and monitor real-time performance. Experience procurement excellence with Trakti.

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How to align procurement with business requirements

Business requirements should inform every investment in new software and technological infrastructure. You don’t launch a new project, purchase a new piece of software, or develop a new process unless it’s in response to a core business need. But understanding exactly what that need it can be a challenge in itself. It starts with learning

Evolving your procurement strategy with relational contracts

Evolving your procurement strategy with relational contracts can be used to increase contract standardization and visibility across the entire supply chain – ensuring contracts are managed appropriately to secure supply and value for the organization.  Reading time: 3 minutes.

Automated Supplier Acquisition and Verification: A Strategic Key for Procurement and Sales

Contractual onboarding and supplier qualification, especially when regulation and controls require human work, are often characterised by delays and frustration, as comprising numerous players and moving parts. The vendor completes an onboarding form that includes general and financial information. This stage might also involve the legal team, to ensure it from a legal, compliance, and