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What is a Film music commissioning contract?

A Film Music Commissioning Contract is a legal agreement between a filmmaker or production company (the “Producer”) and a composer or music production company (the “Composer”) for the creation and use of original music compositions for a film or audiovisual project. This contract outlines the terms and conditions of the commissioning arrangement, including the rights, obligations, and compensation of both parties.


  • Include a Detailed Delivery Schedule: Establish a clear delivery schedule for the completion and delivery of the musical compositions.
  • Address Ownership and Copyright: Clearly address ownership and copyright of the musical compositions, specifying that the Composer retains copyright ownership but grants the Producer the necessary rights for use in the film or audiovisual project. Include provisions for registering copyrights and attributing credit to the Composer.
  • Protect Confidentiality and Proprietary Information: Include provisions to protect the confidentiality of any proprietary information shared between the parties during the course of the commissioning relationship, including drafts of the musical compositions and project-related discussions.