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What is a Mutual Introducer Agreement?

A Mutual Introducer Agreement, also known as a Referral Agreement or Intermediary Agreement, is a legal document between two parties who agree to refer potential clients, customers, or business opportunities to each other in exchange for a mutual benefit or compensation. This agreement formalises the relationship between the parties and outlines the terms and conditions under which referrals will be made and compensated.


  • Relationship of the Parties: Clarifies that the parties are independent contractors and that no employment, partnership, or agency relationship is created by the agreement. Specifies that each party is responsible for its own expenses, taxes, and liabilities.
  • Negotiate Fair Compensation: Negotiate fair and equitable compensation for successful referrals. Consider factors such as the value of the referral, the effort required to make the referral, and the potential benefits to both parties. Ensure that the compensation structure aligns with the value provided by the referral.