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What is a Summary of the terms for the Sale of Series Seed Shares?

A “Summary of Terms for the Sale of Series Seed Shares” is a document that outlines the key terms and conditions of an investment round involving the sale of Series Seed preferred shares in a startup company. This document is typically provided to potential investors as a concise overview of the terms of the investment opportunity.

A Summary of Terms for the Sale of Series Seed Shares provides potential investors with a clear and concise overview of the investment opportunity, enabling them to quickly assess the terms and decide whether to pursue further due diligence or investment negotiations. It serves as a preliminary document that precedes the drafting of more detailed legal agreements, such as a Series Seed Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement.



  • Be Open to Negotiation: be prepared for investors to request modifications or clarifications to the terms outlined in the Summary of Terms. Remain open to negotiation and be willing to address investors’ concerns or preferences to facilitate successful investment discussions.
  • Provide Context: Give investors context about the company and the investment round. Include a brief overview of the company’s business model, market opportunity, and growth trajectory to help investors understand the investment opportunity.