NFT and copyright: why you need a Smart legal contract to cover all the elements

on May 5, 2023

NFTs are business keys of the future “metaverse”. The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) indicate a digital certificate of authenticity to uniquely identify a digital product created on the internet. 
Each NFT contains a unique serial number, known as a hash. This cryptographic key is generated from a specific digital file and makes NFTs traceable and incapable of duplication.   

However, while technological progress advances, a review of the protection system is required to follow digital development and to guarantee legal protection, even to NFTs.

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The Smart lawyers Guide to Galaxy

on March 2, 2023

Looking into the future we’re on the road to a new world where everything is linked and potentially possible. 
People get connected with other people physically, through avatars, online tools, and any element that belongs to this new world. Rather than one device handling every calculation, a network of devices can now do this instead, benefitting of the cooperation of an entire network. 
Every data is accessible, every service is sensing, automated, connected and shared…
We are on a new planet where industries totally shifted from inflexible, monolithic methods to more modular and microservices approaches. 

But let’s imagine moving forward in time for a sec. 

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L’adozione di standard sui contratti digitali facilita l’innovazione

on February 21, 2023

Le nuove tecnologie sono oggi in grado di rendere ‘intelligente’ l’ambiente nel quale lavoriamo e più interconnessi gli attori coinvolti. 

La trasformazione digitale dei servizi legali e giudiziari offre l’opportunità di migliorare questi servizi, rendendo più accessibile la loro fruizione.
Gli standard possono facilitare la strada verso la digitalizzazione per l’industria, promuovendo la compatibilità e l’interoperabilità tra prodotti e processi,  permettendo la condivisione delle informazioni tra gli attori coinvolti, garantendo al tempo stesso livelli minimi di qualità e sicurezza.

Usare gli standard per i tuoi contratti digitali è una delle strade verso l’innovazione.

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No-code platforms are drivers of innovation in contract automation

on February 20, 2023

Companies rely primarily on IT professionals to write the scripts needed to keep operations running smoothly.
What happens if there is a shortage of staff?
This issue can leave many organisations with interrupted or malfunctioning processes due to a lack of adequate staff and proprietary knowledge to solve the problem at the source.

The introduction of no-code automation platform resolves these problems, empowering teams of any skill level to manage IT operations seamlessly. 

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Blockchain e Smart contracts: come facilitare le funzioni delle Risorse Umane

on February 14, 2023

La fase di onboarding deve facilitare il processo di incorporazione e integrazione per il neo assunto e permettergli di conoscere l’organizzazione dell’azienda, la loro nuova posizione lavorativa, conoscere i nuovi colleghi, i valori e la filosofia aziendale. In genere questo processo richiede un ampio e programmato coordinamento tra il nuovo dipendente e i diversi dipartimenti di un’azienda. 

Le imprese oggi possono essere in grado di elaborare un buon piano di integrazione per i nuovi dipendenti per migliorare la produttività, trattenere i migliori professionisti in azienda e ridurre i costi delle Risorse Umane.

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The importance of contract automation and its benefits for a business

on January 30, 2023

Contract Management is a crucial step for any business and represents the key link between strategy and execution plans. Contracts are the most cardinal documents for each type of company, beyond its size and its industrial sector.
Managing contracts in a proper way can make a difference by providing organisational support and driving major improvements to the business’ goals without upending the strategy.
Contracts automation platforms can transform Contract Lifecycle Management.

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