Evolving your procurement strategy with relational contracts

on October 29, 2022

Evolving your procurement strategy with relational contracts can be used to increase contract standardization and visibility across the entire supply chain – ensuring contracts are managed appropriately to secure supply and value for the organization. 

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I contratti sono oggetti di confine per costruire relazioni

on June 23, 2022

Le aziende si affidano ai contratti per stabilire le basi dei loro rapporti professionali e per definire le procedure da adottare.  Le tipologie di contratto oggi possono essere molteplici e variano a seconda delle diverse categorie coinvolte. Per le persone comuni, in genere i contratti sono accordi che consentono alle imprese e ai singoli d’incontrarsi e di collaborare per definire esigenze e bisogni specifici.  

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Developing a trusted sales network via smart legal contract

on June 7, 2022

Sales success requires a great deal of planning. From identifying and nurturing leads to renewing and retaining existing customers. While CRM platforms have managed to enhance sales efficiency and provide visibility, there’s still room for improvement.

We already know how essential business documents are for the multitude of tasks that distract reps from selling. Documents connect every area of a business and enable information sharing across departments. They’re also the source of almost all sales-related work and day-to-day tasks: 50% of knowledge workers’ time is spent creating and preparing documents, and 92% of professionals still collaborate on and review documents by email.

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Smart Legal Contracts: un’opportunità innovativa per le imprese

on June 3, 2022

La pandemia ha spinto molte aziende ad abbracciare nuove tecnologie. La tecnologia blockchain, in particolare, contribuisce all’innovazione delle imprese nella gestione dei contratti e per eseguire, tutta o solo una parte, degli accordi legali.

Gli Smart Contracts sono dei contratti digitali, memorizzati su una blockchain che ne garantisce trasparenza ed immutabilità: ogni transazione viene resa pubblica in un database condiviso e i blocchi sono protetti da crittografia.

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Increase sales compliance through contract automation

on December 3, 2021

Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change the way organizations do business.

In the retail sector, blockchain is finding a lot of applications: from revolutionising loyalty programs and digitising product warranties to potentially allowing for the development of peer-to-peer marketplaces that could compete with the likes of eBay or Airbnb. 

Let’s see how increase sales compliance through contract automation …

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Innovating Contracting in Real Estate

on October 28, 2021

Real estate, as in all commercial fields, has been a victim of the great uncertainty that the pandemic has brought to most industries.

There has been a drop in the number of contracts that have been signed. And the investment risk in real estate has grown, especially in the commercial sector.

Many people were not ready to manage negotiations through digital systems and didn’t have the tools to rent out apartments or commercial properties during a lockdown.

So how to implement contract innovation in real estate? Keep reading to find out 😉

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

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How smart legal contracts can improve sales

on August 24, 2021

Ask anyone in the business world about their pain points and you’ll likely hear: sales and signatory management. Updating, monitoring, and managing lists is currently a time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone activity for suppliers and buyers alike. At the same time, the painstaking process of proper signatory management is essential for establishing and maintaining business relationships, not to mention for ensuring compliance.

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