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What talents want: attracting talents with fast contract onboarding

on May 31, 2021

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Do you have a talent-attraction strategy yet? Are you ready for future jobs that haven’t been invented yet? To attract talent, you have to be an employer brand, namely the much sought-after smart company that every smart person wants to join. In other words, you have to be the digital leader they are looking for! Therefore, you need to start by attracting talents with fast contract onboarding.    

But how to be a digital leader? Let’s find out together.

Is my company an employer brand? This is what you have to question yourself when it’s time to hire new people. To explain to you what employer brand means, imagine entering a crowded room: you immediately notice a long row of people waiting to talk with the charming well-dressed person in the middle of the room, and only in a second time you realize there are lots of well-dressed people looking old and grey and therefore wasting their time talking to themselves. Now replace the much sought-after person with your smart company and the amused audience with your talented newest employees. As research showed, people from 22 to 60 want to work for digitally enabled organizations. So, if you want to attract the best talent you have to be the digital leader they are looking for! Therefore you have to be capable of attracting talents with fast contract onboarding.

Now a second question comes immediately after: how can I step out of the shadow and become a digital leader? In this article, we are going to talk about future workforce trends and how to transform the employee experience to attract talent.  

Institute for the Future (IFTF) says that 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet 

Yes, and still according to Dell Technologiesmany of today’s learners will join the workforce of freelancers, having up to 10 jobs by the age of 38. Thus, what we are living today, and in the coming years, is a more fluid and hybrid global market where digitally advanced companies have the unique opportunity to match the right person, anywhere in the world. The downside is that less ­mature digital businesses, without the right tools, will have to rely only on their traditional HR departments, which, if not well equipped, will not be in the condition to attract talent in an efficient way and meet their needs.   

Don’t think digital businesses only as big players, also small and medium-sized companies that chose to invest in smart tools to acquire retrain, evolve and attract talent to drive the business transformation belong to this category.

Take for example the new digital creators, do you really think you can hire them setting an in-person interview and giving them a long and boring paper contract to sign?  

Smart people want smart contracts  

An employer brand must be strategic and embrace digitalisation, not only to develop talent but also to reduce the risk of losing it. That’s why your HR department needs the right tools to manage the entire employee lifecycle.  

Trakti is a contract negotiation and management platform integrated in the blockchain that makes it easy to: 

  • create a contract,  
  • negotiate the terms,  
  • remotely sign it, 
  • monitor the evolution of a deal from day one (e.g. digital KPIs are easier to consult, track and assess 😉 ) 

Trakti is a smart solution that meets digital trends, leading your company toward this rapid and intense change where social, mobile, analytics, and cloud are strongly interconnected. Moreover, a WTO’s report stated that “the blockchain could open new opportunities for SMEs to access trade finance by making transactions on a peer-to-peer basis without the need to secure traditional trade finance or even to go through banks”. Another great feature that interprets the future of work and makes your company reduce business costs! 


In conclusion, if you want to attract talent, you cannot handle them with outdated tools. Ready to digitalise your company? 

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