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How to quickly activate client onboarding automation for your business

on February 1, 2021

Photo by Jean Gerber on Unsplash

When does your client get the first impression of your business? Let me answer for you: the real impression begins when the client has started to do business with you. In this crucial phase you must not fail or be caught unprepared.

Client onboarding automation is complex and must be performed in compliance with rules and regulations, maintaining control of processes, and protecting data and information.

Trakti has automated the entire client acquisition process, according to the principles of ease of use, speed and compliance. Thanks to the support of new technologies, client acquisition is easier for users and more efficient for the company.

The system is able to guarantee the benefits of improving the customer experience, compliance and correct management of cyber security.

Create a new and quick client onboarding automation system by using:

  • KYC e AML and e-Identity systems to facilitate onboarding and simplify identity checks and customer ratings;
  • e-signature: advanced electronic signature saves time, is legally binding and assures a high level of technical security;
  • automatic payments by Paypal and smart contract;
  • automatic approvals and hand-offs to ensure compliant and consistent workflow;
  • visual consistency and a clear system for editing and publishing the entire onboarding process. Provide an intuitive and helpful journey!
  • a system to convert every given data element to metadata. By applying this solution, there is no need to enter the same data over and over again, but only once, because the system will automatically know when to reuse it without asking for them again.

Last but not least, a fast client onboarding also involves the use of a system that allows you to manage contracts from mobile, which connects your personal mail to the platform and, finally, which creates interoperability and integration between different software and platforms, including that of clients.

Clients are becoming more comfortable interacting with companies across a growing number of channels; as a result, they are demanding a seamless and consistent approach across each and every channel.

Bear in mind that onboarding is an ongoing process that doesn’t just end after few days. Maintain clear onboarding goals, don’t stop paying attention to your users post-onboarding, and demostrating that a client is valued and understood, are key elements.

Interested in Automating Your Client Account Onboarding with Trakti?

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