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Improving your candidate selection, onboarding, and signature process via contract automation

on August 10, 2021

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash.

More and more companies are looking into ways to automate contracts and the benefits of doing so. Today, we explore the most common use cases for contract automation in HR and how you can improve your candidate selection onboarding and contract signature process.  

Contract automation can improve your candidate selection onboarding and contract signature process. Contract automation via smart contracts helps companies manage proactively the large quantities of data their HR departments deal with on a daily basis, increasing transparency and trust in the organisations.  

The idea of automating document management in HR is not new but smart contracts have surely made it easier to achieve this goal on a large scale.  

When we talk about ‘automation’ in recruitment and staffing, there are several ways how contract automation can improve your candidate selection onboarding and contract signature process. The most common types of HR contracts are those formalising employment arrangements, but there are other contracts that would need input or oversight from HR.  

HR typically deals with vast quantities of communication and data. Also, there are vast amounts of time spent on client and candidate documents. All of these can be automated.  

By implementing a solution like the one Trakti offers, you can use contract automation to handle all HR-related documents digitally in an end-to-end fashion. That means no printing and scanning, and more signing (using an electronic signature). 

There are lots of benefits of an automated contract workflow for HR teams: 

  • Faster time-to-hire: HR teams automating contracts can reduce time spent on paperwork by 75 per cent
  • Better visibility and transparency: visual timelines make it easier to track HR contracts’ progress, and in-browser digital documents end the problem of version control; 
  • Better candidate experience: branded, dynamic digital documents that can be signed on any device offer a better experience to candidates .

If you don’t know what leads to success, you don’t know what to look for when making a selection decision. 

Furthermore, managers need to associate their own “scoring system” for job performance before making a selection decision.

The strategic implementation of scoring systems to rank candidates in the pre-interview phase is one of the best ways of reducing administrative workloads as much as possible. 

The key to getting this system to work for you is developing a fit-for-purpose multicriteria scoring system that streamlines your selection process. Learn to ask great questions. There are three areas that are helpful to consider: Yes or No questions, multiple-choice questions, and ranking scales. 

With Trakti you can easily implement those and embed those in a multi-criteria review form that you can automatically send to all the team members involved in the selection process. Each form can be different, fully custom, with weighted scores and all the rest. The result will be the same.

An automated ranking created through collaboration will facilitate the selection of the right candidate.

Automating the review process is a huge time-saver for HR. Employees and managers receive an alert when someone is up for review. You can also track what has been covered in the review and who has and hasn’t completed it. You don’t have to go to three different websites, give credentials and then worry about the data you fill in not being saved. 

Ultimately, contract automation aims to accelerate employee contract negotiation and make it better. You want to give your new employees a smooth transition and Trakti’s contract negotiation and management platform lets you do this with automation, increased visibility and centralized information. Employee service is enhanced by increasing onboarding efficiency.

You need your new employees to feel comfortable from day one and well-prepared to do their jobs. In addition, embracing digitalisation can be an incredible magnet for talents when recruiting.

Smart contracts make for a transparent, faster process. Contract automation improves tasks and offers a central place to track key HR processes like evaluations, vacation requests and forms-based tasks. You’re automating routing and tracking approvals so your HR management is speedy, seamless and secure. 

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