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Setting up a bespoke multicriteria vendors evaluation form and procedure

on July 13, 2021

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash.

The concept of vendor evaluation is not new. This is a process of assessing and approving the potential line of vendors of the company through various quantitative and qualitative evaluation measures. The main and vital purpose of the process is to create a multicriteria vendors evaluation form to ensure only top-notch suppliers are available at the disposal for the company.    

You can use a multicriteria vendors evaluation form to determine the best vendor or supplier based not only on price but also on a full spectrum of concerns. Vendor assessment should support your company mission.

The form should support the evaluation of ethical, and business dimensions for the specific technical need and competence required. It can also help you analyse quality, cost and financial integrity, ability to communicate, social responsibility, and cultural commitments of the suppliers.

Part of the process and approach of applying Supplier Evaluation means you need to measure and monitor their performance for the purposes of reducing costs of the goods  and services required on the regular basis. This way, you’re able to mitigate the chances of risk involved, and driving continuous improvement in their performance. 

The process lays utmost importance in the current scenario of global purchasing methods and every organization, especially the ones into the manufacturing operations, need to have an evaluation matrix or model in place. 

Companies that regularly evaluate the performance of their vendors using a multicriteria vendors evaluation form find that they have better visibility into supplier performance, remove hidden costs, reduce risk. This gives them  a competitive advantage by reducing order cycle times and inventory, gain insight on how to elevate their supply base, and align practices between the company management and the suppliers.  

When a decision has to be made between vendors, you can create a well-defined multicriteria vendors evaluation form and process. This allows you to implement a structured approach to vet and rank potential vendors that you can use during onboarding or offers evaluation.

The framework can be based on a set of company standard criteria to determine prospective vendors’ suitability and any risks they may pose to your company. You can build your own model in Trakti and use it in specialised onboarding or evaluation workflows.

You can use a multicriteria vendors evaluation form to determine the best vendor or supplier based not only on price but also on a full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative variables with the support of different colleagues and specialists.  

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For starters, such a form becomes the foundation of a vendor evaluation framework; that systematic process of investigating, analysing, and verifying the resources and capabilities of potential vendors (the extent of which is dependent upon the risk and value of the contract) leading to the appointment of an effective and sustainable source. 

Vendor and supplier assessments can happen across different departments that need to ask for a review.  You can create pre-qualification steps within the purchasing area, although it usually includes the participation and input of other departments and stakeholders. Therefore it can be useful to have an all in one solution that stores all the offers and gives the possibility to review easily and directly on the platform the offers received, even if the reviewers are external to your company. 

Vendor assessment should support your company mission, ethics, and business goals in the areas of technical competence and quality, cost and financial integrity, ability to communicate, social responsibility, and cultural commitments. That is why we have included the possibility to personalise and create review templates that reflect what is important to your company and assign to each parameter a weighted average in order to create a truly personalized and coherent evaluation. 

Assessing vendors and suppliers also involves reviewing the criteria that matter most to your company goals and your larger industry. When evaluating vendors and suppliers, you’ll need to make both quantitative and qualitative assessments to track metrics on an ongoing basis to confirm contracts are still beneficial. 

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