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Trakti - Why e-signature is Important in This Digital Age

Why e-Signature is so important in the Digital Age

on November 10, 2021

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With the advancement in technology, more and more organizations are moving to e-signatures as they are efficient, safer, reliable, and quicker as compared to the traditional means of signing.

The traditional signing of documents means printing out those papers, signing them, and sending them via mail or even through email as well as storing, distributing, and more which not only wastes a lot of paper but time as well.

The beauty of e-signatures is that documents/contracts don’t need to be printed out, stored, filed, or collected and this makes your entire process of signing easier and safer.

Here are some reasons why your company should switch to an e-signature enabled platform today!

  • Budget-friendly

Not only does an e-signature save thousands of dollars on paper waste, but it also reduces your storage, delivery, transportation and can cut a lot of costs in half.

  • Eco-friendly

Taking into account the condition of the planet right now, a lot of brands are turning eco-friendly and there’s no better way to do this than to switch to an e-signature. Not only will your customers and clients be more inclined to work with you, but this will also put you ahead of the competition and make life much more convenient.

  • Speed and efficiency

If you’ve ever had to negotiate and collect signatures before you know how long the process can take from start to finish, you already know the hassle involved. A platform enabling electronic signature in the negotiation process is a quick and accurate solution online so that you can begin work immediately instead of waiting to collect a signature. This process also helps reduce the complication of printing, signing, delivering, storing, and more and can easily be captured with the click of a button which makes work move quicker and improves efficiency on both ends.

  • Enhanced client experience

Customers today expect quick responses and results and with traditional signing, it can take a lot of time causing your clients to go elsewhere for their business. An e-signature can boost your turnaround time and is a quick and easy way to provide your clients with immediate access to their documents from any device, be it their smartphone, laptop, or computer, and from any location to meet your deadlines faster.

  • Private and secure

A lot can happen when you are sending or shipping documents and files locally or nationally. They can get stolen, lost, misplaced, accessed by third parties, or even destroyed in certain mishaps or natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, or fires. An e-signature has online digital encryption which can be accessed from any location and at any time. This is sealed, stored, and protected against malware, virus, hackers, and other applications so that both parties can safely and securely sign it.

In conclusion

E-signatures enabled platforms like Trakti are quickly gaining popularity because they are quicker, safer, reliable, and provide ease of signing for both you and your clients.

It allows you to work with clients more easily and efficiently as well as saves you time to focus on what matters the most – your brand.

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