Sarah Giannelli

Essentials for smart legal contracts drafting: beginner’s guide for innovative legals

on August 3, 2022

Blockchain gave rise to the concept of smart contracts; legal agreements programmed, executed and automated in computer code. While the automation associated with smart contracts has proceeded, legal standards supporting that automation have been slow to emerge. Legal practices who want to adopt this new technology need to be aware of the essentials for smart legal contracts drafting.

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Five great articles for your summer!

on July 25, 2022

September is just around the corner, and you want to return to work after a well-deserved break, fresh and recharged.

We are happy to suggest a list of articles for your summer that have received the most comments and appreciation from Trakti community. Please find them below.

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Automated Supplier Acquisition and Verification: A Strategic Key for Procurement and Sales

on July 20, 2022

Contractual onboarding and supplier qualification, especially when regulation and controls require human work, are often characterised by delays and frustration, as comprising numerous players and moving parts. The vendor completes an onboarding form that includes general and financial information. This stage might also involve the legal team, to ensure it from a legal, compliance, and security standpoint.

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How to set up and streamline an effective offer evaluation

on July 11, 2022

Do you know how well your sales representatives are reviewing every contract prior to signing it? Does their performance meet your expectations for a quality customer experience? Are they following all the correct processes, remaining compliant, and getting the outcomes you want? The only way to answer all these questions is by learning how to set up and streamline an effective offer evaluation.

Traditionally, procurement has been viewed as a function of the back office, but this area is now the target for intelligent automation. In fact, many organizations are expanding procurement into playing the role of a strategic partner for driving enhanced cost savings, efficiency, market resiliency, and business objectives. In addition, intelligent automation can empower this particular transformation.

Unquestionably, procurement should be focused on improving business process speed so that employees will have more time on their hands to focus on higher-value projects. As such, this is where much of intelligent automation’s value can be found – by dramatically reducing the number of error-ridden repetitive tasks and processes. 

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Implementing and managing ESGs through smart contracts

on July 7, 2022

Socially responsible operations that track factors like environmental, social, and governance principles are more than just a feel-good phenomenon. They can affect credit risk and investment performance as well as your relationship with clients and vendors. In the era of climate change action and corporate social responsibility, managing ESGs through smart contracts is the next step in propelling businesses to high performance.

ESG criteria refer to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance factors that are taken into account when investing in a company. Although their origin dates back several decades, they have become a reference for socially responsible investing in recent years.

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Blockchain and Smart contracts: a valuable drive to implement community currencies

on June 28, 2022

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, economists started to rethink alternative and new forms of cooperation and economic systems capable of cutting off third-party intermediaries and ensuring direct interaction between peers. The digital revolution has triggered a disruptive diffusion of the internet, technology, online communities, and new technological platforms. The sharing or collaborative economy is one economic system where assets and services are shared between private individuals and it is often facilitated by an online platform. Solutions based on blockchain technology as Smart contracts have started growing. 

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